Tutorial: Origami Vintage Style Indent Ornament


It has been so long since I blogged!  I got married and then had a baby and life got crazy!  I wasn’t really creating much other than the occasional baby thing.  Out of sheer necessity this year I came up with these ornaments.  My daughter will be one on December 28th, so this is her FIRST Christmas.  We are beyond excited but my heart fell a little when I realized I can’t/won’t put my vintage mercury glass ornaments on the tree.  My Daughter is walking and into everything so for both safety and to save them (many are family ornaments), I have decided not to use them.  I am also not the type to just go out and purchase ugly shatterproof bulbs.  I am not a fan of plastic.

So through pinterest research I found this: diamond

I decided to make it recycled by using book pages.  However – it looks ok as a “bulb” style piece but while playing with I flipped it around to make it have an indented middle and fell in love.

So here is how to do it!  If you are using a thinner paper or book page you will want to back it with cardstock.

  1. Cut (2) 3 in squares from paper and cardstock. If you plan on decorating it above you will need (1) 3 in square of foil paper too.



2. Fold each paper/foil square as show below.  SKIP the last step!: (click to enlarge)



3. Glue book page paper to cardstock, making sure it lines up appropriately.  Re-crease sections.


4.  Give that a few minutes to dry.  Meanwhile cut the sections of the foil apart.




5.  Once the 2 pieces are drier, push the middle of one section through to make it the reverse.


6.  Line up the points of each section and glue it together, holding down each section as you go.


7.  Let that dry for a little bit….


8. Line up and glue the foil sections alternating around the ornament.



9.   From here you can really decorate it any way you would like. Sequins glitter paint etc.  For the other foil decorations, I used a Fiskar’s narrow heart punch.  For this to punch properly, I had to layer it with copy paper.  Cut 4.


10.  Fold the small hearts in half and glue alternating around the ornament.  Top it off with a sequin glued in the middle.  For the hanger, I took a thumbtack and made a small hole in the top and curled some floral wire.


I can’t wait to put them on my tree and not have to worry about my daughter breaking anything glass!


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Tutorial: How to make recycled book page flower charms/beads


This is actually very easy – it just takes lots of PATIENCE!


Step One:
Using a small flower shaped punch (I like fiskars) cut out both the book page and soda can for the sturdy backing.


Step Two:
Using Aleene’s Tacky Glue or Mod Podge glue the book page flower over the colored side of the soda can cut out.  Repeat for second flower!


Be sure to let this dry COMPLETELY!


Step Three:
Glue two flowers together to create a layered flower, make sure you don’t line them up perfectly, the petals should alternate.  Let it dry COMPLETELY!


Step Five:
Once it is dry, punch a whole through the center with a tack!


Step Six:
You will need a small bead of your choice (mine is 4mm) and a small bead wire.


String the bead on the wire to the end and then place the flower on. Bend the extra wire on the backside of the flower all the way over so it is flush and holds the bead/flower in place.


Step Seven:
Now create the loop.  I wrap the wire around my bead reamer and then twist the extra around the base to secure.  A scewer will also work fine too.


Fluff up the petals and you are done!  Attach a jump ring to add it to a necklace or attach it to earring wires!


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Free-Fallin & Fancy-Free, Upcoming Show in Massena, 9/6


With my husband still being gone most of the time I have a lot of time to create! I can’t wait to show you the earrings/beads I made this weekend from soda can and book page, but they are just not perfected yet! Later in the week I promise! They really are so cute! Anyways I added 4 new necklaces,”Free Fallin“,  “Fancy-Free“, “All About That Bass“, “In Big Treble”.




“All About That Bass” was totally inspired by Meghan Trainor’s extremely catchy song, if you haven’t listen to it yet you totally have to.  I was singing it to myself the whole time I made this necklace.  Give it a listen:


Also I am very excited to announce my first craft show featuring my jewelry items!  I will be at the Massena Harvest Festival on 9/6 from 11 am – 4 pm.  It is right on main street!  I, of course will have a few other of my recycled creations on hand too but mostly the jewelry!

P.S. I just couldn’t resist!  100% recycled!  Hopefully added to the shop by the end of the week!


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200 Facebook Likes & The “Bazinga” Necklace


Thanks for all the support in helping me get to 200 likes so awesome!  I will continue to have more great jewelry to share and hopefully a few others things as well.

For all those Big Bang Theory fans out there, I created a “Bazinga” necklace.  I made it to look like a dictionary page with the definition coming from Wikipedia. Listed in the shop today, check it out!


Also as promised funny ferret video!  Scout stealing my washi tape, apparently she has a craft project somewhere needed it for!

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In celebration of launching the new website and the return of The Mad Recycler, I am running a contest! The prize will be any piece of jewelry from the “The Shop” section of the new website.  There are multiple ways to get entries so be sure to read through it all.

1. If you haven’t already LIKE The Mad Recycler on Facebook and share the giveaway post to your wall (worth 2 entries).

2. Comment on this post on the giveaway post on Facebook with your favorite piece of jewelry from my shop on the new website at www.themadrecycler.biz. (worth 1 entry)

3. On the new website, join the mailing list! (worth 2 entries).

The winner will be drawn using random.org and announced tomorrow (7/24) around at 9 PM!



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A little off topic – An Old Dog CAN Learn New Tricks


I know I haven’t posted much lately.  But as some of you may know I got engaged back in February and the BF and I are planning a June 14, 2014 wedding.  I am making a ton of recycled projects for our big day, but I don’t want to share them as I’m hoping for them all to be a surprise.  Anyways, my flea market trips have continued as i search for more little lovelies to include at our wedding.  I will continue to post on items I find, but decor posts will be limited.

I do however want to share progress on Bubba’s training.  As anyone with any type of terrier knows they LOVE to bark.  Bubba is my silky terrier, that I got when he was just under a year old.  Bubba had very little training before he came to us.  Like all terriers, he is high strung and I’m pretty sure he has ADD.  He has trouble focusing and loves to bark (all the time).  He loves to bark at the television which is becoming a particular annoyance.  I think his favorite shows are Duck Dynasty and Bone Collector, but just about any hunting show or anything on animal planet will do.  I have tried loud noises, high pitched beepers, the Thundershirt, and unfortunately our next step was a shock collar but I just didn’t have the heart.  All of the above things worked briefly, but he got use to them so not a long term solution.

With the BF and I now talking about children in our future, I knew we were going to have to do something with Bubba.  I had reached out to a few local training clubs, but was told he would not do well in a group session since he is an adult dog and would need individual training, which has been hard to find in Northern NY.  On one of my flea market trips, while walking back to my car I saw the sign on a car door for 4 Paws Training.  I found her contact info on Facebook and called that day!  Maureen is owner of 4 Paws and we setup a consultation at my home so she could meet bubba in his environment.  Everything went great at our consultation, I was so impressed when Maureen was able to get Bubba to sit within a couple tries, something the BF and I have tried many times before.   Basic training seems to be the key to getting Bubba to stop barking, learning how to sit will eventually work towards him sitting on a mat/bed and staying until I release him, so if he is barking I will send him to his mat.

The best part is this is also training me, to be what Bubba needs.   I successfully for the first time ever got Bubba to sit this morning 6 times, with only a little assistance.  That is only with 2 days of training.  I have been trying to work with him for 5-10 mins explicitly on training morning and night every day.  Then I try little things in between, in his normal routine.  Having such quick results has really inspired me that the barking will end!

Also Bubba doesn’t really enjoy playing fetch must and some of his barking may be due to boredom.  Bubba will play for maybe 5 throws if that and doesn’t want to anymore, but I never know what he really wants from me.  He wants to play but not fetch!  I knew that silky terriers were bread for hunting mice, rats, squirrels and other small vermin.  Which makes sense after he brought a dead squirrel onto our bed one night this winter!  I ordered Bubba some squirrel scent and I am going to start hiding his toys for him to find, instead of fetch.  I think he will love this!  The scent should be here next week so I will give it a try and let you know how it works!!

For all the terrier owners, there is HOPE that your dog can stop barking too and professional training is so worth the money!

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Collapsible Pinwheels For Sale in my Etsy Shop!!!


I just listed my first creation in a long time for sale in my Etsy shop!

I have started to make my collapsible book page pinwheels/rosettes in many different patterns!  They are about 14 inches in diameter when opened and only 7 inches long and 1/2 inch thick when folded up.  This allows for easy, safe storage when they are not on display!!

Check them out!!

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Flea Market Find: Vintage Jelly Jars & Bed Springs


With nothing better to do on lunch yesterday I ventured down to one of my favorite local shops, North Country Neighbors.  Not really searching for anything in particular, I had been on the look out for vintage jelly jars for at least a year and I finally found a set.  I got a set of 4 for $3.00.  I had seen them on Etsy, but the cheapest was $8 for a set of 4 with normally $10 shipping.  It just didn’t seem worth it to me and I knew they would pop up somewhere eventually.

The reason I wanted them so bad, is they fit perfectly inside a bedspring!

The uses are endless!

A cute vase….

or an interesting candle holder…

I am hoping to post more and more, so be prepared.  I think I am back in recycling mode

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