Tutorial: How to make recycled book page flower charms/beads


This is actually very easy – it just takes lots of PATIENCE!


Step One:
Using a small flower shaped punch (I like fiskars) cut out both the book page and soda can for the sturdy backing.


Step Two:
Using Aleene’s Tacky Glue or Mod Podge glue the book page flower over the colored side of the soda can cut out.  Repeat for second flower!


Be sure to let this dry COMPLETELY!


Step Three:
Glue two flowers together to create a layered flower, make sure you don’t line them up perfectly, the petals should alternate.  Let it dry COMPLETELY!


Step Five:
Once it is dry, punch a whole through the center with a tack!


Step Six:
You will need a small bead of your choice (mine is 4mm) and a small bead wire.


String the bead on the wire to the end and then place the flower on. Bend the extra wire on the backside of the flower all the way over so it is flush and holds the bead/flower in place.


Step Seven:
Now create the loop.  I wrap the wire around my bead reamer and then twist the extra around the base to secure.  A scewer will also work fine too.


Fluff up the petals and you are done!  Attach a jump ring to add it to a necklace or attach it to earring wires!


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Free-Fallin & Fancy-Free, Upcoming Show in Massena, 9/6


With my husband still being gone most of the time I have a lot of time to create! I can’t wait to show you the earrings/beads I made this weekend from soda can and book page, but they are just not perfected yet! Later in the week I promise! They really are so cute! Anyways I added 4 new necklaces,”Free Fallin“,  “Fancy-Free“, “All About That Bass“, “In Big Treble”.




“All About That Bass” was totally inspired by Meghan Trainor’s extremely catchy song, if you haven’t listen to it yet you totally have to.  I was singing it to myself the whole time I made this necklace.  Give it a listen:


Also I am very excited to announce my first craft show featuring my jewelry items!  I will be at the Massena Harvest Festival on 9/6 from 11 am – 4 pm.  It is right on main street!  I, of course will have a few other of my recycled creations on hand too but mostly the jewelry!

P.S. I just couldn’t resist!  100% recycled!  Hopefully added to the shop by the end of the week!


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Collapsible Pinwheels For Sale in my Etsy Shop!!!


I just listed my first creation in a long time for sale in my Etsy shop!

I have started to make my collapsible book page pinwheels/rosettes in many different patterns!  They are about 14 inches in diameter when opened and only 7 inches long and 1/2 inch thick when folded up.  This allows for easy, safe storage when they are not on display!!

Check them out!!

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New Decoration Sets added to my Etsy Shop

I’ve added several great decoration sets that some of you probably have seen at shows before to my Etsy shop.

Check them out:

Sheet Music Pinwheels/Flowers with Wreath – $30
Just the Decoration Set – $10
Sheet Music Pinwheels/Flowers with Wreath – $30 
Just the Decoration Set – $10

Book Page Snowflakes with Pearl Centers with Wreath – $40
Just the Decoration Set – $20

If interested in any of the sets above and you are in the Massena, Canton, Potsdam area please send me an e-mail at themadrecycler@hotmail.com and we can arrange to meet up!

I will also be at the Christmas Vendor Market this Saturday, Dec 17th at the Old Phil’s Florist Shop in Downtown Massena from 10 – 2 with a whole selection of decorations and wreaths.

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Sparkly Recycled Soda Can Snowflake


I made a new set of decorations for my bed spring wreaths.  I previously posted about soda can snowflakes but I recently made a set of bluish ones out of Bud Light cans (yes i know how redneck of me, but they are a nice blue).  I then sprayed them with adhesive and sprinkled them with epsom salt.  After I sealed them with a regular clear sealer.  They sparkle and glisten like real snowflakes!

Labatts Blue Light cans look even better but I only had enough of those to make 1 set for a custom order! So Bud Light it will have to be!

This set along with several other new ones, not seen on the blog will be available this Friday and Saturday and the Craft, Food and Wine Show!  Stop by and check them out.  I am in the “Our Place” area upstairs at Cheel!

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Recycled Canada Dry Can Snowflake Decoration Set

I had been trying to come up with a good snowflake design for the past month and finally altered one of my previously done flower designs to work as a snowflake and I think it turned out great!  I used canada dry diet ginger ale cans, since they have the most white on them and a little green and red for the Christmas season.  

This set along with other similar ones including a set made from teal and white Arizona cans will be for sale, this Saturday December 3rd from 10 – 2 in Massena at the Old Phil’s Florist Shop, stop by and check them out in person, they are beautiful!
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Bed Spring Wreath with Magnetic Book Page Flowers

book page poinsetta

Another Christmas Decoration Set, now available in my Etsy Shop.   Some of you may also remember this set from my last show!  Created from squares cut from an old book, featuring a center cut from a cereal box, painted and glittered.

Check back tomorrow for my first post on a Bed Spring Christmas Tree!  Down the road I also hope to provide a tutorial on how to make these lovely flowers, I just haven’t had the time!
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Recycled Soda Can Poinsettia Decoration Set

soda can poinsetta
My first Christmas wreath of the season, similar to the Recycled Book Page Dahlias, except made out of Diet Cherry Pepsi Cans!  I made two different size flowers just so they don’t overwhelm the wreath.  I hope to make a bunch more in this style, in several different colors throughout the seasons!

Enjoy!  Someday I might share this tutorial  right now I’m keeping it a secret b/c it is a lot of work :).
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Blue Recycled Phonebook Hydrangea

Continuing on with my phonebook recycling mission, I made a set of vivid blue hydrangeas.  I used the Wilton Gel food coloring which gives a much deeper richer color than liquid food coloring.  

These and several other different colors of hydrangea decoration sets will be available at the Upcycled Art Show this Saturday October 29th in the Cheel Commons at Clarkson University!  Stop by and check them out in person!  They are AMAZING!
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The Flower Mistake – Recycled Phonebook Flower

I apologize the pictures aren’t that great of these, I was hurrying when I took them and not so thrilled with them anyways.  I wanted to make my recycled phonebook hydrangeas with a glittered edge for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I forgot to cut the edge before I did the glittering so they didn’t turn out quite right but of course I won’t throw them out but work with them and I think they are kind of cute.  

Hopefully I will find time this week to make what I was really trying to do!  These were a mistake but I don’t think that bad of one.

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