Creepy Dark Purple Recycled Phonebook Hydrangea

Remember the tutorial on How to create flowers out of phonebook pages?  Well I have been continuing to try dying the pages different colors.  I have found a new favorite!  For this creepy dark people blackish color, which looks much better in person.  I soaked the yellow pages in black food coloring.  I normally microwave the water/food coloring mixture for about 2 minutes and then add the water and let them sit for at least a half an hour.   The color looks amazing!  

Come check it out at the craft show tomorrow!  I will have this little mini bouquet for sale as well as a wreath decoration set!

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Recycled Book Dahlia Wreath & Upcycled Art Show

This magnetic decoration set was made from recycled book pages.  Each flower includes 19 petals hand-cut and created from squares of old book pages.  The kraft brown centers are cut outs from a coca-cola box (yes again) and a tiny pearl from a broken strand of vintage pearls is glued in the center.  These are probably some of my most detailed flowers yet.  That is why I will be forced to charge $15 for this decoration set and it will be available at my next show Sept 10th for Massena Harvest Festival.

I am very proud to be curating the first annual Uniquely NNY Upcycled Art Show.  Along with my other site Uniquely NNY ,  I am searching for other upcycling/recycled artisans and crafters to be a part of the show.  The show is October 29th at Clarkson University Cheel Commons from 10 – 4.  It is $20 for a 10×10 booth.  For more information or to see what vendors are already signed up, visit  This is sure to be a one of a kind show!

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Wedding Wednesdays: Recycled Phonebook Hydrangea Centerpieces

Last week I showed a tutorial on how to create flowers out of pages from the phonebook.  This week I have taken it a step further, by dying the pages first and then cutting the edges to give them a more ragged appearance and the look of hydrangea.

Of course, I had to create them in my favorite color scheme of red and light blue.  I think they look so realistic.

To dye them just fold them up accordion style, and soak them in a mixture of hot water and food coloring. I soaked the entire sheet in the food coloring mixture but you could do it half in one color and half in another. I then patted them dry with paper towels and let them dry a bit before peeling them apart and letting the individual sheets dry then follow the tutorial instructions but don’t put a center on them!


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Recycled Phonebook Flowers with Tutorial :)

I hate the phonebook!  I think it is the biggest waste of paper (at least for my generation).  To make these flowers was the first time I’ve touched a phonebook in years.  When everything is so much easier to look up online why would you.  They should make getting the phonebook optional, so they don’t waste so much paper!  To help limit the waste, I took last years phonebook, which was kicking around in the craft room b/c I knew I would find something to do with it and made these flowers:

The flowers have a soda can center that has been painted black, but they could also be decorated in so many other ways!

I also created a few with long stems and button centers :). 

And now the How To!
A phonebook or other thinner type paper (tissie, crepe, possibly even newspaper)
Green Floral Wire

Step 1:  Rip three pages out of the phonebook

Step 2:  Stack the three pages together, accordian fold about 1/2 inch and then cut in half so you have 2 sections.  This will create 2 flowers.  

Step 3:  Take one of the halfs and wrap a long peice of wire around it to make the stem.

Step 4:  Carefully open up one half and pull apart the layers to fluff up one side.

Step 5.  Repeat the same for the other side.

Bubba wanted to help…he was feeling crafty!

Step 6.  Fluff up all the layers and shape into the flower.  Decorate the center as you see fit!
I will have the wreath decoration set and a bunch of individual stems this Sunday, June 21st at the Massena Chamber Car, Truck and Motorcycle show at Robert Moses State Park Picnic Area from 9 – 4.  Stop by and check them out as well as lots of other great creations new and old!
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Recycled Paper Towel Roll Flower Tutorial

The lovely finished product:

 The flowers are incredibly light and would make a nice decoration on a package instead of a bow!
Here’s the how to:

What you need:

Cardboard Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Roll
Glue Stick (I love Martha Stewart’s, its super strong)

Step 1.  Flatten your cardboard roll and cut six strips all the same size.  The width of the strip will determine the height of the flower.  (I like about 1/2″ or less)

Step 2: Using the glue stick, put glue on the bottom half of one of the strips and stick it to another strip then secure with clothespin until dry.

Step 2 should give you something like this.  Repeat Step 2 three times!

Step 3. Once you have the 3 “sets” of petals glue two sets together and secure with clothespin until dry!  Repeat the same step with the last set of petals.

Step 4:  Now you should have all six petals glued together and they just need to be connected.  So put some glue between the first and last petal, shape and secure with a clothespin.

The finished product, they are so easy to make it doesn’t take long to make a bunch!

Feel free to decorate them however you want, I used a punch from sheet music and a little button 🙂


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Newspaper Yarn Pom Flowers

My latest recycled flower creation using the Newspaper Yarn  created in Monday’s post.  
A mix of newspaper and t-shirt yarn flower poms
Pom’s can be made out of basically anything and are very easy to create.  
1. Wrap the yarn around 4 of your fingers at least 10 times. (for a fuller flower wrap more)
2.  Take a piece of wire and put it over the yarn bunch in the middle of your fingers and twist to secure the bottom.  Remove your fingers and you should have an oval bunch secured with wire in the middle.   
3.  Take a pair of scissors and snip the loops at the end of the oval.  
4.  Pull and shape the pieces to create a round flower, you may also wish to trim up some of the pieces to make it neater.  🙂
Next time I think I may try untwisting some of the yarn to give it more of a corkscrew feel. 
Check back next week for T-Shirt Yarn!
Stop by and checkout some of my creates at the NYPA Summer Spectacular Saturday, July 30th from 11 – 5pm at Hawkins Point Visitor Center!
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Happy Friday! Recycled Candy Box Pinwheels :)

No I didn’t sit down and eat all this candy last week :).  These boxes have been collected over time b/c I new someday I would want them for something.  Pinwheels are really easy to make basically I cut two strips for the box and accordian folded them, glued the ends together to make it round then you just push it down and glue the center.  The center “button” was created using a Martha Stewart Button Punch. 
So colorful!

This was my first attempt from a Milk Duds box, and shows and error, the circle doesn’t come out even if you don’t cut your strips the same size!  
Sweet Tarts Box

Reese’s Pieces


I think these would make excellent Halloween decorations for a Bedspring Wreath or even on stems as flowers!  If you are going to the movies save your boxes for me!

Happy Weekend!
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A Happy Sunflower – Another Recycled Soda Can

Since Arizona cans have no deposit on them, they are a really great thing to recycle.  Here is another flower I created:

Created by cutting a large Arizona Can in half and then cutting down each side at “even” intervals and then cutting them into petals.  Bend the sides of the can down around the center.  Layer the pieces staggering the petals and wire together.  The brown center portion is the bottom of another can that I cut around the edges to give it a frilly look.  The rest is just paint :).  
I even don’t mind the back side which I have left unpainted so you can tell where it came from.  With a brighter colored Arizona can, it would be pretty even without the paint!
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Wedding Wednesdays: Blue Recycled Soda Can Hydrangea Bouquet

The recycled bouquet: 
The inspiration from last week’s Wedding Wednesdays: Red & Light Blue Wedding
Image #205450
Via Style Me Pretty
Elyse Hall Photography
Eventology Events
I wish I had had time to make it larger like the one above, but so far it is only 3 bunches of hydrangea, so it could work for a bridesmaids bouquet.  I think it is so lovely and double the size would be perfect!  Each petal is hand-cut and hand-painted so each one is unique!


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