Tutorial: How to make recycled book page flower charms/beads


This is actually very easy – it just takes lots of PATIENCE!


Step One:
Using a small flower shaped punch (I like fiskars) cut out both the book page and soda can for the sturdy backing.


Step Two:
Using Aleene’s Tacky Glue or Mod Podge glue the book page flower over the colored side of the soda can cut out.  Repeat for second flower!


Be sure to let this dry COMPLETELY!


Step Three:
Glue two flowers together to create a layered flower, make sure you don’t line them up perfectly, the petals should alternate.  Let it dry COMPLETELY!


Step Five:
Once it is dry, punch a whole through the center with a tack!


Step Six:
You will need a small bead of your choice (mine is 4mm) and a small bead wire.


String the bead on the wire to the end and then place the flower on. Bend the extra wire on the backside of the flower all the way over so it is flush and holds the bead/flower in place.


Step Seven:
Now create the loop.  I wrap the wire around my bead reamer and then twist the extra around the base to secure.  A scewer will also work fine too.


Fluff up the petals and you are done!  Attach a jump ring to add it to a necklace or attach it to earring wires!


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Free-Fallin & Fancy-Free, Upcoming Show in Massena, 9/6


With my husband still being gone most of the time I have a lot of time to create! I can’t wait to show you the earrings/beads I made this weekend from soda can and book page, but they are just not perfected yet! Later in the week I promise! They really are so cute! Anyways I added 4 new necklaces,”Free Fallin“,  “Fancy-Free“, “All About That Bass“, “In Big Treble”.




“All About That Bass” was totally inspired by Meghan Trainor’s extremely catchy song, if you haven’t listen to it yet you totally have to.  I was singing it to myself the whole time I made this necklace.  Give it a listen:


Also I am very excited to announce my first craft show featuring my jewelry items!  I will be at the Massena Harvest Festival on 9/6 from 11 am – 4 pm.  It is right on main street!  I, of course will have a few other of my recycled creations on hand too but mostly the jewelry!

P.S. I just couldn’t resist!  100% recycled!  Hopefully added to the shop by the end of the week!


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Die Cut Machine Soda Can Flowers

I started cutting soda cans with my Epic 6 Die Cutting machine before Christmas, but finally found the time to write a blog about it! Using the dies gives a more distinct look and greater size options than the hand punches. For today’s tutorial, I am using a daisy style flower shaped dies from Lifestyle Crafts.

Die Cutting Machine (I use a Epic 6)
Cutting Mat
Flower Die Set
Soda Can

Step 1: Cut the top and bottom off of your can with the scissors cutting one the side of the can to leave one large rectangle.
Step 2: Arrange the dies you want to cut out on the cutting mat, make sure the arrangement is no larger than your can. I also added a thin piece of cardboard to my cutting matt to help it cut all the way through the can.
Step 3: Place soda can rectangle over top of the dies and then place the top of the cutting mat on top hold it together to make sure the dies don’t slide!
Step 4: Send it through your die cutting machine! You may want to send it through twice especially if your dies have foam on them like mine.
Step 5: If necessary, carefully pop out flowers from soda can.
Tada! You should now have the layers for your flower. Glue them together to create the finished look. You may also choose to slightly curl the edges to give it a more 3D look!!
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Wedding Wednesdays: Bridesmaid Gift Custom Charms

This would definitely make for a unique bridesmaid gift.  They could be used as wedding glass charms, necklaces, bracelets, key chains and what ever else you can come up with.  

I purchased the antique brass base and matching glass disc from the etsy shop Newbora.  I got 10 of the 10mm base (approx 1/2 in)  and 10 of the matching 10 mm glass for $10.  They by far had the cheapest price but it ships from China so it did take a little while to get to me.  So if you order don’t be in a hurry to get them! There are multiple sizes and styles available including earrings!    The quality is great though and worth the wait!

For the letter, I used a “J” from the title of vintage piece of sheet music.  You could use just about anything, an old picture, a word from a book or dictionary.  So technically this counts as recycling in that way as well.
I used my Loctite Crafter’s Glue, which so far has been permanent and dries crystal clear.  The best part is it takes about 24 hours to solidly cure, so you can adjust it.  I cut out a rectangular piece larger than the glass disc and put a dab of glue on it and placed it over the letter.  As the glue cures it gets clearer and clearer but you can still move it to make sure the letter is centered.

Once it is completely dry, cut around the glass disc with an exacto knife, put another dab of glue on the back of the letter and press it into the brass base and let dry!  I attached a little gem on a wire for extra decoration.  
Not up for making your own, check out one of my favorite shops founding on Etsy for great jewelry options!
bridesmaids monogram necklace package - vintage blues
Bridesmaid Monogram Necklace Package – founding – $192.00

My absolute favorite: 

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Recycled Vintage Button Bobbi Pins

These cute little hair pins where created from my vintage button collection and regular bobbi pins you can buy at almost any drug store.  They were actually really easy to make.  All I did was take a tiny amount of glue (super or another strong glue, I tend to shy away from super glue bc I glue my fingers together)  place it on the end of the bobbi pin, give it a few minutes to set.  Then I stitched the button around top side of the bobbi pin with a small needle and thread.  Lastly, I added a little bit of glue to the back side on the thread to seal it and now it is securely attached!

Fun and easy to make!  A good way to put to use all those old buttons!
I will have an assortment of these with me at the show this weekend. 
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Wedding Wednesdays: Bridesmaid Yo-Yo Headband

Lately I have had kind of an obsession with head pieces!  Created from upholstery fabric samples, for a fun yet chic wedding this would be a lovely bridesmaid headband. 


This will be available for sale this weekend at the Massena Chamber Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show at Robert Moses State Park Picnic Area from 9 – 4!  Stop by and check it out!  So much cuter in person!

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Recycled Button Blossom Bobbi Pins

Another 99% Recycled craft.  All but the bobbi pin, thread and glue is recycled.  The fabric I used came from furniture upholstery samples that are normally just thrown out but I was lucky enough to have some given to me :).   The buttons are part of my ever growing collection.

Basically they are very simple to create.  The fabric portion is just a small yo-yo.  Making a yo-yo is very simple you cut out a circle of fabric (I traced the bottom of a glass) and do a running stitch about an 1/8th of an inch around the entire edge and then pull to gather.  I put a few extra stitches around the center to hold it down after I gather it, then I sew on the button and glue it to the bobbi pin.  Great for scrap fabric, old sheets, and even old clothes.


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99% Recycled Corkscrew Quote Ring

This ring is definitely rough, but it is the first of its kind so it was still a learning process.  Of course the text I used was from a vintage children’s book that included several parts of Alice In Wonderland.  The base of the ring is from an aluminum Jack Daniel’s bottle cute and wound into a corkscrew and lined with scrap black leather.  The quotes are on the ring “Curiouser and Curiouser” said Alice “DRINK ME” white rabbit “EAT ME”.  Watch for more of these to appear in my shop and at my next show.  They are so fun to make and the next one will be cleaner I promise :).  
Happy Weekend Everyone!
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