Wedding Wednesdays: Custom Ordered Recycled Wedding Cuffs

This was my first order for custom cuff bracelets for part of the wedding party in a wedding this weekend.  The wedding colors are red and black featuring damask print.  The bracelets look amazing!  Besides the ribbon each cuff is 100% recycled.

These two are extra tiny ones made for the flower girls.  They include a button with elastic cord to make sure they will stay on their small wrists!

If anyone is interested in custom cuff bracelets for their upcoming wedding they make an excellent and unique bridesmaid gift!  If interested send an e-mail to  Pricing is $15-$20 per large cuff and $10 for small cuffs.  


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Recycled Butterfly Bracelet

Many of you have already seen this bracelet as I wore it Saturday.  Created using some elastic thread, buttons and butterfly punches from an Arizona Green Tea can.  It is very dainty and not sharp at all.  It is also reasonably fragile as if the butterflies get folded over they can get broken!  Watch for it or one like it at my next show July 16th from 1-5 on the Cheel Lawn! 

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Recycled Butterfly Bobbi Pins

Lovely little butterflies made from soda cans painted and/or mod podged with lace or vintage sheet music.  Just adorable…

These and many others like them will be for sale at my next show July 16th from 1pm – 5pm on the Clarkson Cheel Lawn.  Please watch for other upcoming shows as I have booked several in the next few months!

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I’m Back! Arizona Can Bobbi Pins

I had a nice break on vacation and finally found supplies for making hair accessories that didn’t have to come from China. My first creation was a set of bobbi pins with purple Arizona can recycled roses.  They are super cute :).  I will have other great hair accessories to show later this week.  Hobby Lobby had everything I was looking for.

I also came home to a lovely surprise.  My hydrangea blossomed a beautiful blue while I was gone.  Unfortunately the weeds came up with it!  So that will be another part of this weeks projects WEEDING!
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In Memory of my Dad

Today is my dad’s funeral.  He passed away on May 22, 2011 at 1:37 AM and I was not allowed to be there, which has been very hard on me.  So I have been working through the grieving process by creating.   I started with a drawing of my dad, which is not perfect yet, definitely still a work in progress but I can see him in it.

When my sister and I were young, we were told by our grandpa that people come back as butterflies.  So butterflies have always held a special place in our hearts.  This is why I created my sister and I matching butterfly cuffs.  Each cuff has a hand-painted recycled monarch butterfly and a gold butterfly.  The monarch represents our dad and the gold butterfly represents our grandpa.

On the inside I modge podged a paper that says “Love You Dad 5-22-11”, so we will never forget.
This is the beautiful red maple we planted in memory of him:
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New Recycled Cuff Bracelets

I received a custom order from a friend, she wanted a yellow and orange bracelet which is so far out of my color schemes I have been creating but turned out beautifully.  The large yellow rose is a recycled soda can and the large white/orange rose was a vintage brooch I found at a flea market. 
Another turquoise creation: 
My new favorite quote which I’m going to try to incorporate into a bracelet, so be on the look out for it :).  
Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art - Learn to Dance in the Rain
Vinyl Wall Decal by wordybirdstudios
I have some other new items to showcase throughout the week, but didn’t get to take many photos last night as I was installing my little dog Bubba’s in ground radio fence from PetSafe.  Installation took a long time but bubba has probably a little over and acre to play in.  He is currently terrified of the fence :(, which is really hard for me, but this is for the best so he doesn’t get hit by a car.  I will be sure to update you on the process.  
My geeky side has also come out this week.  I am going to try to fix my iPhone 3G I ran over with my car. It needs a new LCD, glass and touch screen digitizer.  Hopefully I can manage to change all of this myself.  Wish me luck!
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Happy Weekend! Splash Page and New Shop Item – Jack Daniel’s Cuff

My techy side has been at work lately creating a splash page for my blog/shop.  For those of you that don’t know, a splash page is a web page with all of the links to get to the blog, shop, facebook, twitter and anything else you want to post.  Basically it brings everything together in one easy to find location.  So bookmark the page for the most up to date news about The Mad Recycler.

I also wanted to announce that that Jack Daniel’s Cuff has been added to my etsy shop, for all of you that loved it, you can now have one of your own.  It is made entirely of recycled materials.  The aluminum cuff is lined with black leather, one size fits most and very comfortable to wear.  Check it out!
Recycled Jack Daniel’s Cuff by The Mad Recycler  aka springsnthings – $15.00
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“I fell in love with Jack Daniels again” – Miranda Lambert – Jack Daniels Cuff

I definitely consider this bracelet to be a work in progress.  It has not been lined or had anything fancy done too it, but it was too fun not to share along the way.  I’m sure not many of you know, but Jack Daniels has recently started coming pre-mixed in aluminum bottles.  You can get JD & Coke, JD & Diet Coke, JD & Ginger Ale.  The bottles right now are not returnable, so the wonderful people at The Ole Smokehouse have been saving them for me!  The bottles are just the right thickness for cuffs and require not additional snap to hold them on unlike my soda can version.

Jack Daniel’s by Miranda Lambert – Full Lyrics

I am also gearing up for the SLCHA Antique and Artisan Show this Saturday, April 30th from 10 am – 4 pm.  Hope to see you there!  



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My New Recycled Flower: Is it a poppy or ranunculus?

This is my latest creation, a pink flower with a pearl in the center.  I am not sure if it looks more like a poppy or a ranunculus blossom.

So what do you think?  Is it a ranunculus or a poppy?  I think it could be either depending on the color and center decoration!  Either way it will make a great addition to my recycled wreath decorations, cuffs and I think I may branch into headpieces too!
A Red Poppy 🙂
Photo Credit: Flower Info
For all of you who have never seen it, since it does not grow well in Northern NY (trust me I’ve tried) this is Ranunculus aka Persian Buttercup.
Photo Credit: International Flower Bulb Centre
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