Wedding Wednesdays: Think Nature

This photo would make such a lovely background for engagment photos, maybe with just a few more leaves on the trees.  I took it last night of the road in front of our house.  Today’s post is to get others to look at the natural beauty all around them when deciding how and when to do photos.  Now this road is beautiful at all times of the year, freshly fallen snow to the green leaves of spring, but nothing beats maple trees in the fall.  This wasn’t even one of the best years for colors and they are still amazing   

I wanted to share some other great photo ideas from around  the web:

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After a fresh fallen snow, possibly a little freezing rain to coat the branches.
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Wedding Wednesdays: Colorful Ruffled Crepe Paper Tutorial

I found a tutorial a long time ago on how to make this, but I couldn’t find it again to link to so I made my own.  Ruffled crepe paper is a cheap and super easy decoration alternative.  I made a bunch of it last fall for the BF’s Grandmas 80th birthday party and it was a hit.  It looks 10x nicer than plain crepe paper.  I wish I had taken photos of it from her party, but unfortunately as normal I forgot.

Step 1:  Choose your colors!  These could be your wedding colors or accent colors.  For this tutorial I chose lime green and fuschia.  You can also use three colors and just cut it into long strips and inter mix the three, a little more challenging but that is how I did the red, yellow and orange combo above.

Step 2: Get out your sewing machine! Using a basic straight stitch, layer your crepe paper one over top of the other.

Step 3: As you are sewing along, gently give the crepe paper a little push so that it folds a bit and sew over the fold.  This will leave a nice ruffle, kind of messy ruffle!

Step 4:  Keep sewing until you get your desired amount, it really isn’t a labor intensive process just tedious!  If you know how long you need your streamers to be for decorating I would pre-measure and cut strips of the crepe paper to sew, just make sure you add a little extra to cover the ruffling.

There are so many uses for this beyond just streamers, it could be tied to chairs or laid on a table as a fun runner.  I have even used it to decorate gift packages!


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Wedding Wednesdays: Musical Love Banner

So last week I posted about how to make your own wood mounted stamps.  I finally got all my letters finished which I would say total in only took me about an hour to cut them all out.  I had all the blocks pre-cut and then i just had to stick them on.  They are working out great, check out what I made with them this week:

Stamped on triangles cut out of old sheet music.  It would be perfect at a rustic wedding!

Here are the stamps I used!  Only problem I’ve found is I need to make sure I am stamping on a flat level surface to get an even amount of ink on the stamp and then an even imprint on the paper.

For this banner, to make it a little heavier I cut out the same size triangles from a cereal box and glued them to the letters.  Using a whole punch, I punched holes evenly across the top through both the paper and cereal box layers and then threaded through a red gingham ribbon.  I got the entire roll of red gingham ribbon for 50 cents at the flea market

If you were planning on hanging this banner somewhere the back would show as well, you could easily cut sheet music out and put it on the back.  You could even re-stamp something on the back of it as well, so it would be 2 sided :).

Happy Stamping!

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Wedding Wednesdays: Bridesmaid Gift Custom Charms

This would definitely make for a unique bridesmaid gift.  They could be used as wedding glass charms, necklaces, bracelets, key chains and what ever else you can come up with.  

I purchased the antique brass base and matching glass disc from the etsy shop Newbora.  I got 10 of the 10mm base (approx 1/2 in)  and 10 of the matching 10 mm glass for $10.  They by far had the cheapest price but it ships from China so it did take a little while to get to me.  So if you order don’t be in a hurry to get them! There are multiple sizes and styles available including earrings!    The quality is great though and worth the wait!

For the letter, I used a “J” from the title of vintage piece of sheet music.  You could use just about anything, an old picture, a word from a book or dictionary.  So technically this counts as recycling in that way as well.
I used my Loctite Crafter’s Glue, which so far has been permanent and dries crystal clear.  The best part is it takes about 24 hours to solidly cure, so you can adjust it.  I cut out a rectangular piece larger than the glass disc and put a dab of glue on it and placed it over the letter.  As the glue cures it gets clearer and clearer but you can still move it to make sure the letter is centered.

Once it is completely dry, cut around the glass disc with an exacto knife, put another dab of glue on the back of the letter and press it into the brass base and let dry!  I attached a little gem on a wire for extra decoration.  
Not up for making your own, check out one of my favorite shops founding on Etsy for great jewelry options!
bridesmaids monogram necklace package - vintage blues
Bridesmaid Monogram Necklace Package – founding – $192.00

My absolute favorite: 

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Wedding Wednesday: Recycled Bedspring Napkin Holders

Remember Monday’s post, the Recycled Bedspring Banner, these are create from the leftover center portions of the spring when the top and bottom are cut off.  I didn’t want to start making the banners unless I had a use for the leftover center spring pieces.  One of the uses I came up with are napkin rings!  They actually look really cool and work great!  I can paint them any color too!
I attached a soda can rose to this one and painted the whole thing a flat white:

This one I left plain and painted gold:

This one I attached a Arizona soda can rose to and left plain:

I will be selling these as sets of 4, with a rose will be $10 and without a rose will be $8.  If you want a custom color feel free to ask!
I will also have a bunch of these at the show this Saturday!
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Wedding Wednesdays: Recycled Phonebook Hydrangea Centerpieces

Last week I showed a tutorial on how to create flowers out of pages from the phonebook.  This week I have taken it a step further, by dying the pages first and then cutting the edges to give them a more ragged appearance and the look of hydrangea.

Of course, I had to create them in my favorite color scheme of red and light blue.  I think they look so realistic.

To dye them just fold them up accordion style, and soak them in a mixture of hot water and food coloring. I soaked the entire sheet in the food coloring mixture but you could do it half in one color and half in another. I then patted them dry with paper towels and let them dry a bit before peeling them apart and letting the individual sheets dry then follow the tutorial instructions but don’t put a center on them!


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Wedding Wednesdays: Bridesmaid Yo-Yo Headband

Lately I have had kind of an obsession with head pieces!  Created from upholstery fabric samples, for a fun yet chic wedding this would be a lovely bridesmaid headband. 


This will be available for sale this weekend at the Massena Chamber Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show at Robert Moses State Park Picnic Area from 9 – 4!  Stop by and check it out!  So much cuter in person!

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Wedding Wednesdays: Make it Meaningful

When my Dad passed away this spring, in lieu of flowers my co-workers/friends got together and gave me a Potsdam Chamber of Commerce gift certificate b/c they knew I would do something wonderful to remember my Dad.  This past Monday the BF and I finally built the garden arbor that I used the gift certificate to buy the lumber for. 

My thoughts for this arbor is one day when the walkway is complete from the garage to the house we can put it over that and I would walk through it every day and remember my Dad.  
Another really good idea and part of the reason I built it, is someday we can get married under it and it would be a meaningful way to remember my Dad at the ceremony.   
So a big THANK YOU to my co-workers and to the BF for helping me build it and agreeing we could get married under it SOMEDAY!
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