Die Cut Machine Soda Can Flowers

I started cutting soda cans with my Epic 6 Die Cutting machine before Christmas, but finally found the time to write a blog about it! Using the dies gives a more distinct look and greater size options than the hand punches. For today’s tutorial, I am using a daisy style flower shaped dies from Lifestyle Crafts.

Die Cutting Machine (I use a Epic 6)
Cutting Mat
Flower Die Set
Soda Can

Step 1: Cut the top and bottom off of your can with the scissors cutting one the side of the can to leave one large rectangle.
Step 2: Arrange the dies you want to cut out on the cutting mat, make sure the arrangement is no larger than your can. I also added a thin piece of cardboard to my cutting matt to help it cut all the way through the can.
Step 3: Place soda can rectangle over top of the dies and then place the top of the cutting mat on top hold it together to make sure the dies don’t slide!
Step 4: Send it through your die cutting machine! You may want to send it through twice especially if your dies have foam on them like mine.
Step 5: If necessary, carefully pop out flowers from soda can.
Tada! You should now have the layers for your flower. Glue them together to create the finished look. You may also choose to slightly curl the edges to give it a more 3D look!!
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The Button Lantern

If you have been following my blog I’m sure you know how much I love buttons! I bet I have thousands in a rainbow of colors! I was cleaning out some cabinets after Christmas and found what I believe was originally a candle holder from party lite. It basically is two circular pieces of glass, one inside of the other and I think it came with paper scenes you could put in between for the seasons. I don’t know what happened to the scenes but I decided to put some of my more colorful buttons in between the glass! I love how it turned out,

Watch you local thrift store, flea market or garage sale for 2 glass vases that will fit with enough room to spare to make your own!

Happy Crafting!

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New Decoration Sets added to my Etsy Shop

I’ve added several great decoration sets that some of you probably have seen at shows before to my Etsy shop.

Check them out:

Sheet Music Pinwheels/Flowers with Wreath – $30
Just the Decoration Set – $10
Sheet Music Pinwheels/Flowers with Wreath – $30 
Just the Decoration Set – $10

Book Page Snowflakes with Pearl Centers with Wreath – $40
Just the Decoration Set – $20

If interested in any of the sets above and you are in the Massena, Canton, Potsdam area please send me an e-mail at themadrecycler@hotmail.com and we can arrange to meet up!

I will also be at the Christmas Vendor Market this Saturday, Dec 17th at the Old Phil’s Florist Shop in Downtown Massena from 10 – 2 with a whole selection of decorations and wreaths.

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Vintage Folding Ruler Star

A Big THANK YOU to everyone that stopped by and saw me at the Craft, Food and Wine show this weekend at Cheel Arena.  I had a great time and got lots of great feedback!

Today I have to share this cute ruler star.  I purchased this ruler for $3.00 at North Country Neighbor in Potsdam a while back and came across it while putting my christmas decorations out.   I was trying to figure out a way to display it b/c it is aged wonderfully.  So as I was unfolding it, I thought it would look  neat as a star, and so it does!

It needs a little more decoration so I’m going to try to make something or maybe I will find something today at North Country Neighbors!
For my last show of the year, I will be at the Christmas Vendor Market at the Old Phil’s Florist shop in Massena, this Saturday, Dec 17th from 10 – 2.  Stop by for a unique gift!

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Sparkly Recycled Soda Can Snowflake


I made a new set of decorations for my bed spring wreaths.  I previously posted about soda can snowflakes but I recently made a set of bluish ones out of Bud Light cans (yes i know how redneck of me, but they are a nice blue).  I then sprayed them with adhesive and sprinkled them with epsom salt.  After I sealed them with a regular clear sealer.  They sparkle and glisten like real snowflakes!

Labatts Blue Light cans look even better but I only had enough of those to make 1 set for a custom order! So Bud Light it will have to be!

This set along with several other new ones, not seen on the blog will be available this Friday and Saturday and the Craft, Food and Wine Show!  Stop by and check them out.  I am in the “Our Place” area upstairs at Cheel!

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Recycled Canada Dry Can Snowflake Decoration Set

I had been trying to come up with a good snowflake design for the past month and finally altered one of my previously done flower designs to work as a snowflake and I think it turned out great!  I used canada dry diet ginger ale cans, since they have the most white on them and a little green and red for the Christmas season.  

This set along with other similar ones including a set made from teal and white Arizona cans will be for sale, this Saturday December 3rd from 10 – 2 in Massena at the Old Phil’s Florist Shop, stop by and check them out in person, they are beautiful!
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Recycled Soda Can Bow

Nothing says Christmas Time more than a wreath with a big bow.  I love the simplicity of the bed spring wreaths plain, but adding the bow adds a tough of holiday flare.  Created from 3 soda cans, they are actually pretty easy to make and I hope to have time to write up the tutorial before christmas, basically each side of the bow is one can, that is rounded down on the ends and glued together in the middle.  The ribbon ends that hang down are cut from another can as is the center piece to cover the section that is glued together.  I then attached a magnet to the back so they will stick anywhere on the wreath!
This one I spray painted gold:
This one I spray painted a nice glossy red:
Lastly, this one I left un-painted: 
I am currently gearing up for shows, as I have one every weekend until Christmas, please check my upcoming events if you want to find a unique christmas gift!  
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Recycled Cereal Box Star Tutorial


A lot of you must remember the Sheet Music Star Decoration Set from last week, well here is the tutorial on how to make your own recycled stars.

Cereal Box or other food box (soda can boxes work great too)
Decorative Paper (Scrapbook paper, sheet music, the funny pages from the newspaper)
Butter Knife
Star Templates (I used http://familyfun.go.com/printables/printable-star-pattern-703380/ and printed them on cardstock)

Step 1: Trace your start template on the back side of your cereal box. Cut out your star.
Step 2:  Trace the star you just cut out onto the back of your decorative paper and cut out.
Step 3:  Glue your decorative star to the backside of your cereal box star.  You may need to do a bit of trimming with the scissors an exacto knife to neaten up the stars edges.

Step 4:  On the cereal box side of the star (the back side) mark the center of the star with a marker. (it just needs to be approximate).  Get your butter knife ready!

Step 5:  On the back side of your star, using your butter knife, score a line from the point of each star to the center point.  You should do this 5 times, try to be as exact as possible.  The score line is going to be wear your fold your stars. It should look like this:
Step 6:  Repeat the above process but do it from the angle in between the star points to the center.  This step should leave the back of your star looking like this:
Step 7:  The final step!  Carefully fold each star point on the score line with the decorative side up, to get the 3D look and then fold each crease on the score line in between the star on the cereal box side to make it even more 3D!  The front of your star should look like our first image and the back side of the star should look like this:
Give it a try!
Happy Crafting!
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Recycled Sheet Music Stars

I am really trying to work on my photography skills.  To make my photos a little better on the blog.  They still appear to be a tad dark but I’m getting there.  I have had no time to right up a tutorial on this one but expect it soon b/c they are super easy.  Basically I cut out a basic five point star from a cereal box and glued  the same size star cut of sheet music to one side of it.  On the other side, I used a butter knife to score from each point of the start to the center as well as in between each point to the center to make the star fold nicely and give it a three dimensional feel!  Check it out!
This decoration set will be with me this weekend at the North Country Department Store at Indian River Middle School Saturday, November 5th from 9 – 4!
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Recycled Candy Cane Decoration Set

With Halloween over its beginning to feel a little like Christmas time.  We haven’t seen any snow yet up where we live which is shocking, but I’m sure it won’t be long.  In preparation for Christmas I created this cute candy cane magnetic decoration set for my bed spring wreaths.

Created by twisting and shaping strips cut from a soda can!

I am honestly trying to work on my photography.  That is going to be one of my goals for the new year!  This set will be with me at the North Country Department Store this Saturday, November 5th in Philadelphia, NY at the Indian River School. 
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