Free-Fallin & Fancy-Free, Upcoming Show in Massena, 9/6


With my husband still being gone most of the time I have a lot of time to create! I can’t wait to show you the earrings/beads I made this weekend from soda can and book page, but they are just not perfected yet! Later in the week I promise! They really are so cute! Anyways I added 4 new necklaces,”Free Fallin“,  “Fancy-Free“, “All About That Bass“, “In Big Treble”.




“All About That Bass” was totally inspired by Meghan Trainor’s extremely catchy song, if you haven’t listen to it yet you totally have to.  I was singing it to myself the whole time I made this necklace.  Give it a listen:


Also I am very excited to announce my first craft show featuring my jewelry items!  I will be at the Massena Harvest Festival on 9/6 from 11 am – 4 pm.  It is right on main street!  I, of course will have a few other of my recycled creations on hand too but mostly the jewelry!

P.S. I just couldn’t resist!  100% recycled!  Hopefully added to the shop by the end of the week!


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Collapsible Pinwheels For Sale in my Etsy Shop!!!


I just listed my first creation in a long time for sale in my Etsy shop!

I have started to make my collapsible book page pinwheels/rosettes in many different patterns!  They are about 14 inches in diameter when opened and only 7 inches long and 1/2 inch thick when folded up.  This allows for easy, safe storage when they are not on display!!

Check them out!!

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Flea Market Find: Vintage Jelly Jars & Bed Springs


With nothing better to do on lunch yesterday I ventured down to one of my favorite local shops, North Country Neighbors.  Not really searching for anything in particular, I had been on the look out for vintage jelly jars for at least a year and I finally found a set.  I got a set of 4 for $3.00.  I had seen them on Etsy, but the cheapest was $8 for a set of 4 with normally $10 shipping.  It just didn’t seem worth it to me and I knew they would pop up somewhere eventually.

The reason I wanted them so bad, is they fit perfectly inside a bedspring!

The uses are endless!

A cute vase….

or an interesting candle holder…

I am hoping to post more and more, so be prepared.  I think I am back in recycling mode

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A Thrift Store Find: C9 Christmas Lights – Thank You Best Friends!

Yes I know I have been really slacking on the blog posts but I hope to remedy that soon with some new exciting posts. To start with today I got a wonderful bargain on a box of C9 colored Christmas lights from Best Friend’s thrift store in Potsdam. Those of you that don’t know about this store, it is to benefit the Potsdam Animal Shelter. they do get some really interesting stuff too! Be sure to visit and like their Facebook page to receive updates on sales, free items and interesting new items. Anyways back to my bargain, without knowing how many were in the box or even if they worked I paid $3.00 for them all.

Upon going through the box initially expecting a huge mess of knotted up lights, I was pleasantly surprised. There were 14 strands varying length and all but 1 set worked. Now don’t worry safety people I’m going to do a thorough check of all the strands before l use them for any projects. The one not working set may only need a new fuse. I really only wanted the lights for the stringers as a new c9 stringer runs anywhere from $12 – $15. Quite a few of the bulbs were out on some strands, but plan to replace the bulbs with clear c9 bulbs, possibly round ones and make something like this:

I found this wonderful tutorial on the Ruffled Wedding Blog for Vintage Marquee Lights! It seems easy enough and a could be a total upcycled project. Watch for my upcycled version of this tutorial using cardboard and cereal boxes!

I also got another great deal on 6 sets of plain white regular Christmas mini lights for a dollar and all of those sets worked. The BF even said I got a good deal! The c9 lights updated with clear bulbs and the mini lights will be gorgeous for a wedding and all for $4!

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Life on a Silver Platter – My Upcycled Chalkboard Platter


After seeing something similar in a Pottery Barn catalog well over a year ago, I have been biding my time and keeping my eyes open while at thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales for the perfect platter.  I found this lovely large silver plated platter at North Country Neighbors in downtown Potsdam   for only $10!

The platter was tarnished when I got it, but all it took was a little elbow grease with a polishing cloth and now it shines!  All I did was paint a layer of white paint as a base in the center of the platter and then 3 layers of chalkboard paint.  Then I glued a long piece of beautiful red rose scrap fabric, with super strong permanent glue and as of this morning it was still hanging on the wall!

It is hanging right next to my dining room table and will be a wonderful place to highlight holiday/birthday messages!  
I love it so much I may have to head back and pick up one of the smaller platters to make another!

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Vintage Soda Crate Re-Do


Sorry for the lack of blogs lately, I was so burnt out after Christmas I am now finally getting back to making a few things here and there.  Last week, I was sick of my vintage soda crates b/c the cubbies in them were so dark, you could barely see what items I had in them.  I had an old copy of Alice in Wonderland I had found at a library sale and everyone knows how much I love it!  So I took the pages out of it and glued them to cardboard from cereal box and put the cereal box in the back of the soda crate. They turned out so cute!

I like the crates so much better, you can see the colorful decorations I have in them even better.  I actually made some changes as well.  I have a ton of old wooden thread spools and to give them a pop of color I wrapped embroidery floss around them so they look original!

I also took some scrap fabric I had, ripped into into strips and wrapped it around some of the larger spools I had.

The heart shaped lock below is one of my latest finds at an antique shop in Lake Placid.  It is in working condition and has a great decorative key!  I love old locks, I am always on the look out for them!

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Upcycled Door Corner Display – Round 2

Sorry I took yesterday off from blogging to go with a good friend wedding dress shopping!

Anyways, I continued to work on my upcycled door corner display this weekend.  I ordered a brass door plate off of Etsy for $2.95 and got a porcelain door knob for $2.00 at North Country Neighbors. If you notice the door is actually upside down, but I think it adds to the fun!

Instead of using magnets, since I can’t decide whether I want to paint it or not I am attaching the pictures and cards using sticky tack. I also got some antique bronze chain and attached some chandelier crystals, skeleton keys and an old brass lock I found at North Country Neighbors to hang over the knob.   I am thinking of doing some more projects with the chandelier crystals.
It’s a great and easy way to display pictures!
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Upcycled Door Corner Display

A friend of mine recently purchased a house and found this old door in it.  She was going to take it to the dump, but I told her I wanted it.  It is a solid pine door that was stained on one side.  It is beat up but for me that just adds character.  I have not totally committed as to what the final result of this will be but basically what I wanted was somewhere to display more pictures as we have limited wall space.  
So I cut the door in half myself.  Yes this was my first time using a power saw and I did great, not even remotely as scary as I thought it would be.  The BF gave me some basic safety instructions and helped me but I did it .  I definitely see more power tools in my future.  Anyways using the hinges the came with it, I reattached them using the existing screws to make the door fold into a 90 degree angle so it fits very nicely into the corner.   I took off the old door knob and I am going to replace it with an old porcelain one I found at the local flea market for $4.00 after I find a door plate for it.   

I haven’t decided yet how I want to finish it.  My original thought was shelves but I am not so sure anymore.  Now I am kind of thinking making parts of it or the whole thing magnetic so I can just stick pictures and other things to it, that way it would be really easy to change.  I am not sure if I want to use recycled cookie sheets to make it magnetic or use magnetic primer and then paint it a color.

Please forgive the pile of dog toys and stuff in the bottom of this picture, my dogs are spoiled 🙂
Check back soon to see how I finished my door display.
Don’t forget I will be at the Taste of the North Country Craft Show on Cheel Lawn at Clarkson University from 1 pm – 5pm for Alumni Weekend!
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Blue Tinted Recycled Bertolli Jar

I am continuing on recycling bertolli jars.  Below I didn’t a jar with mod podge and a little food coloring.  It worked wonderfully.  I painted it on the outside and then to give it texture, pressed small bubble wrap into it.  They make lovely candle holders as well as a great vase!  Enjoy!

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Recycled Bertolli Jar – Lace Lantern

Of all the food jars I have ever seen, my favorite are Bertolli sauce jars.  The shape of them is just to nice to throw away.  I have been trying to figure out easy ways to make them into lanterns.  Mod Podge seemed the ideal solutions.  I took paper doilies and cut them with my Fiskars large seal punch and then mod podged them to the jar, turning them so the whole would be at different positions.  Below is the semi-finished product (I am still working on a handle for them).  I think they are lovely though!

Before sure to watch for these and other recycled jar lanterns at my next craft show Saturday, April 30th from 10 am – 4 pm at the Canton Middle School for the St. Lawrence County Historical Association.  
Happy Friday!

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