Tutorial: Origami Vintage Style Indent Ornament


It has been so long since I blogged!  I got married and then had a baby and life got crazy!  I wasn’t really creating much other than the occasional baby thing.  Out of sheer necessity this year I came up with these ornaments.  My daughter will be one on December 28th, so this is her FIRST Christmas.  We are beyond excited but my heart fell a little when I realized I can’t/won’t put my vintage mercury glass ornaments on the tree.  My Daughter is walking and into everything so for both safety and to save them (many are family ornaments), I have decided not to use them.  I am also not the type to just go out and purchase ugly shatterproof bulbs.  I am not a fan of plastic.

So through pinterest research I found this: diamond

I decided to make it recycled by using book pages.  However – it looks ok as a “bulb” style piece but while playing with I flipped it around to make it have an indented middle and fell in love.

So here is how to do it!  If you are using a thinner paper or book page you will want to back it with cardstock.

  1. Cut (2) 3 in squares from paper and cardstock. If you plan on decorating it above you will need (1) 3 in square of foil paper too.



2. Fold each paper/foil square as show below.  SKIP the last step!: (click to enlarge)



3. Glue book page paper to cardstock, making sure it lines up appropriately.  Re-crease sections.


4.  Give that a few minutes to dry.  Meanwhile cut the sections of the foil apart.




5.  Once the 2 pieces are drier, push the middle of one section through to make it the reverse.


6.  Line up the points of each section and glue it together, holding down each section as you go.


7.  Let that dry for a little bit….


8. Line up and glue the foil sections alternating around the ornament.



9.   From here you can really decorate it any way you would like. Sequins glitter paint etc.  For the other foil decorations, I used a Fiskar’s narrow heart punch.  For this to punch properly, I had to layer it with copy paper.  Cut 4.


10.  Fold the small hearts in half and glue alternating around the ornament.  Top it off with a sequin glued in the middle.  For the hanger, I took a thumbtack and made a small hole in the top and curled some floral wire.


I can’t wait to put them on my tree and not have to worry about my daughter breaking anything glass!


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