Wedding Wednesdays: Guest Blogger Not so Crafty Jessica – Inexpensive & Easy Bachelorette Party Sashes!

Hi all! A couple weeks ago, I told Janessa that I was tasked with planning a bachelorette party for a family member and I was looking for a cheap, yet nice alternative to purchasing those “Bride” and “Bridesmaid” sashes that are often times worn on such occasions – and that unfortunately can run you around $8 a piece. Janessa, not surprisingly, offered me some advice on what I could do to save a little money and make some sashes that were personal, classy and a big hit with the ladies.
Now, I consider myself to be as far from crafty and creative as they come. So, the moral of this blog story is that if I can do this, anyone can! The wedding colors are black, white and red, so I chose to use this as my color palette along with silver for a little bling. The idea was to make the bride stand out, so her sash was black with silver and red embellishments while everyone else wore white sashes with red and black embellishments.
The items I needed were: 
Wide white & black ribbon
Thin silver ribbon
Fabric glue
Red, white, & silver puff paint
A package of scrapbooking embellishments (jewels, sparkly swirls)
Flexible measuring tape
I needed to make 10 sashes – Bride, Mother of the Groom, Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaids (5) and Flower Girls (2). Don’t worry, we didn’t bring the flower girls to the party, they just really wanted a sash. 
1. Use the measuring tape to figure out that a safe size for the sashes would be 6 feet. If you have someone who will be wearing a sash but is over a size 14 bottom, you may want to make this a bit longer. Cut the sashes. 
2. Put one sash around yourself or someone else to figure out where exactly you’ll want any writing to begin and end on each side of the sash. Use a pencil to lightly mark these spots. 
3. Use the space you have to write out the words in pencil on the front of the sash, like BRIDESMAID. 
4. Trace over the letters in puff paint and set aside to dry. 
After I finished the front of all of the bridal party’s sashes, I worked on the bride’s sash. First, I used fabric glue to secure the thin silver ribbon on both the top and bottom of the sash. Next, I followed the same steps as with the other sashes with the writing. Then, I added the silver embellishments wherever I thought they might look nice. I made sure not to put any on the shoulder area because scrapbooking materials are often rigid, so they won’t naturally bend with the shoulder. 
Once I finished the front of all the sashes, I decided just to quickly write everyone’s names on the back of the sashes. You can put whatever you’d like on the backs. 
When I got to the party, everyone loved the sashes and said that they would definitely keep them because they were so personalized and a great way to remember what a fun night we had! And the best part is that for all of these sashes, I only spent $22 and I had a lot of material left, so I could have easily made 6-8 more. That’s under $2 a sash!
Like I said before, if I can do this, so can you! So happy sash-making!
A Big Thanks to Jessica for providing her tutorial on sash-making for this week’s Wedding Wednesday!  Hopefully she will have more to share!

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