About Me

I consider myself to be still finding myself in the world of crafting.  So far I am finding that I do not like to create things out of “normal” products.  I hate yarn, unless it is handspun chunky yarn, something about machine made yarn just looks too synthetic to be appealing.  In the past I have done a lot of work with springs, but now have moved onto different types of jewelry made out of recycled pieces!

My goal with this blog is to inspire others to look outside the box, try something different even if you fail, there is still a good story to be told!  Go through your junk drawer, garage, old barn, local flea market or thrift store.  Save some great items from the landfill by upcycling them!  And ladies don’t be afraid of a little dirt, as I tell my little sister, princesses can still play in the mud!

At my wedding with my beautiful brooch bouquet, I made!
At my wedding with my beautiful brooch bouquet, I made!

I am extremely accident prone, as my blog will show.  I have regular mishaps and do not mind sharing them because most of them are humorous. 

I also have three dogs, Annie, Bubba & Bruce and a Ferret named Scout.  My house has been compared to a zoo or Ace Ventura Pet Detective and let’s just say its never boring!  So watch out for funny dog/ferret stories!

Annie (Beagle Spaniel Mix)
Bubba (Silky Terrier)
Bruce (Beagle)
Scout (Black-footed Ferret)